Mammut is a (bottom up, LALR1) parser generator based on the Bison++ source code. Mammut is released under the GNU GPL. The biggest difference between Bison++ and Mammut is that Mammut generates significantly cleaner template-based C++ code instead of messy and #define-laden C code. Mammut also has better capabilities to support other languages than C++, such as Java or C#.


The current version of Mammut compiles under Win32 ( 2003) and Linux (GCC 3.3.5). The generated STL-based C++ code should work in most environments. It can be adopted to non-standard platforms by modifying the skeleton files.


Mammut currently generates parser code for C++ only. The development of the Mammut parser is a result of the needs of Lumai. Lumai only offers Mammut as-is, and does not take any responsibilities for its correctness, usefulness or any consequences from using it.


Win32 binaries for Mammut version 0.9

Linux binaries for Mammut version 0.9

Source code for Mammut version 0.9

Read the Mammut online documentation

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Martin Skogevall, Lumai